Property Management


DId you know?

Most insurance providers require that the home not be left unoccupied for longer than 3-4 days at a time.  Let us help ensure peace of mind while you are away with our property management services.

-Basic Home Watch-

  • exterior security inspection (doors, windows and other access points are secure)
  • exterior inspection for water pooling at ground level windows and/or doors
  • interior sinks & toilets inspected (when required)
  • water tank, sump pump and furnace check
  • basement inspection for dampness/water damage
  • dehumidifier activated and maintained (when required)
  • fire alarm & carbon monoxide alarms inspected (when required)
  • snow clearing of long-term parked vehicles 
  • mail & flyer retrieval
  • daily record of visit and service
  • immediate homeowner notification in the event of damage and/or risk to the property

-Premium Home Watch-

Basic services plus:

  • assisting with visiting guests/renters 
  • assisting with deliveries 
  • assisting with additional services (snow removal, cleaning services, etc)