Yes, it's coming....

Fall is a time of cool nights and crisp mornings, leaves changing colours and blanketing our garden beds and lawns. Of course, that means a lot of raking and bagging of leaves.

But we can do it for you!

What is a Fall Cleanup?

Many people think that leaves help to insulate lawns and protect their grass. If leaves are left for snow to accumulate over them, there is a risk of ruining parts of your lawn. 

For your Fall cleanup, Blue Mountain Property Service will remove all leaves, twigs to avoid damage to any areas of your landscaping, grass over the winter season. We also recommend a Fall fertilizer to help support and repair after a season with hot temperatures, sun and foot traffic. 

What is a garden Fall Cleanup?

Leaves may not be good for your lawn over the winter but they are great for your garden beds. Once we do a final weeding of your garden and remove all the expired annuals and cut back the perennials , we will mulch and rake your leaves into your garden bed. This helps to insulate plants and provides nutrients for them over the long winter months.

What about trees?

Our team can wrap small evergreens to help protect them from extreme winds and hungry animals (deer). Don't forget that trees are extremely thirsty this time of year and need to stock up on their water supply. So water slowly and often!

Too late for planting?

Not yet! Fall is a great time to plant Spring bulbs. We are happy to assist in some Fall planting (before the frost) to make your Spring vibrant with colour and life!

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Lawn & Garden Care



  • lawn mowing
  • edge trimming
  • flower bed and garden clean up
  • debris & yard waste removal
  • Spring and Fall clean up

-Basic Package-

  • Includes 2 visits per month (May- September)  
  • lawn mowing 
  • removal of yard waste & debris

-Premium Package-

  • includes 2 visits per months May, September & October 
  • includes 3 visits per months June, July & August
  • lawn mowing
  • edge trimming
  • removal of yard & garden waste
  • flowerbed & garden  clean-up*
  • Fall Clean-up

-Blue Mountain Package-

  • includes 2 visits per months May, September & October 
  • includes 4 visits per months June, July, & August
  • lawn mowing
  • edge trimming
  • removal of yard and garden waste
  • flowerbed & garden clean-up*
  • Fall Clean-up